Where the Truth Lies

It is difficult to consider what the Truth is. Various religions express it differently. For Christians such as myself, God is the Truth, manifested in an incarnate Word, a Logos in Jesus of Nazareth.

But that isn't very helpful. Even if you adhere to the Christian faith, knowing that God is Truth and knowing what that means are not the same. If I take it literally, that God as Truth cannot contradict Himself, then this is simply a logical exercise built upon what we know about God. Which, even with Scripture, is not a lot.

But Truth is universal. If it were not, it would not be Truth. Which means, everyone, including those with a different or no faith at all, can access the Truth. And, again, logic can help us point toward what the Truth is. But, if I genuinely believe God is Truth, then this logical process must be accompanied by a spirituality that is in itself also universal. How else would God be able to call anyone at anytime to Himself if there was not?

It is not easy for me to believe. It's always been simpler to know through experience and pure logic or disregard things as unknowable. I crave a connection with belief, though, for the condition of not having experience or logical tidiness yet being firm in my sense of Truth. But it's hard. It's hard connecting with a foundation of reality that is beyond my learned or experience knowledge, and instead building up a relationship with a more metaphysical Truth. Because isn't that what spirituality is, to an extent, a non-physical or beyond-physical connection with something deliberately not physical?

So, where does the Truth lie? I would have to admit it is everywhere, and is at the core of everything. But, in terms of Truth as something beyond human cognition, beyond our capacity to think about it, the Truth lies somewhere that, for now, I feel is inaccessible. Gaining entry to that veiled dimension of Truth is what I want more than most things in life.

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