The Sports Podcast Podcast

There's Brennan, and James is back there somewhere.

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day. I've been out of schedule for posting, largely due to spring break. I don't have much from me today, but I've got something awesome to share.

Two of my younger brothers, James and Brennan, have a new podcast. My family has been predicting something like this for some time. The both of them are wicked smart when it comes to sports, and usually incredibly informed on pop culture. They can talk circles around most people (and probably most of ESPN's staff), and just bounce right off of each other. The Sports Podcast Podcast is a show about sports, movies, music, and my favorite, Star Wars. They are a hilarious pair to listen to, but be warned: they are not always soft on the ears, and cursing is a theme.

Here's an episode I was invited to participate as a guest. I embarrass myself on basketball and dive deep into the dual-nature of the Force. For those that have been following my series on the nature of the Force, you'll want to wait for that part. We're not to that point yet. But, do listen to other great episodes. One of my favorites being the episode with our Uncle Ryan and their conversation on Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James and Quentin Tarantino movies.


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