White Pillars


Leadership, in any context, is impossible without first understanding your life project, and defining your essential moral pillars.


Leading from Many Angles

Leadership is a skill as old as humanity, and one that can be learned, refined, and practiced by those with a principled vision. It's for parents, community members, even kids.

When it comes to leadership "training," I work with you to first figure out how you view yourself and your purpose. You can't be expected to help others without knowing your own life project. After that we figure out the what, who, and how of your vision. Our conversations can immediately be converted into exercises to be used in your daily life. 


Additionally, I'll help you develop your own "community handbook," a guide to understanding the unique culture, ideas, customs, and practices of your organization. It will be an essential tool in fulfilling your goals.

Here's what you can expect:

It's Time to Change the World

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