White Pillars


Leadership, either of your community or family, is impossible without first defining the essential moral pillars of your vision.


Leading from Many Angles

Leadership can often be thrown around as a word for politicians, businessmen, and leading celebrities. But, it's a skill as old as the most ancient humans. And it is a skill, one that is learned, refined, and practiced by those with the dedication to a vision. It's for parents, community members, even kids.

When it comes to leadership "training," I work with you primarily to home in on what, who, and how. What do you want to do? Who do you want to do it with? How do you want to make it happen? The conversations we'll have will lead to exercises you can begin to implement immediately into your life. By the end of our time together, you'll be able to approach any goal with not only confidence, but a sense of how to bring people along with you.

Here's what you can expect:


No great leader has won the hearts and minds of their follows without being truly dedicated to the cause they pursued. This is only possible when the leader understands themselves at the most fundamental and ultimately moral level. We'll work to find what it is that makes you tick.


The hardest part of leadership is other people. We're here to make a leader out of you, not a boss. You need buy-in and commitment from others. Understanding the communal nature of those you would lead is critical to implementing your vision.


No vision is appealing without a solid plan. Plans don't need to be complicated or exhaustive to be compelling, but they need to be complete and whole. If your vision is worthy, others will want to follow it. Give them a reason to believe it can work.


If you don't know where you're going, why would others come along? A vision is more than a destination, though. It's an all-consuming idea of the world you want to make a reality. Defining your vision is what will make you attractive as someone worthy to be followed.


Before your ready to invite others into sharing your dreams, we'll find ways specific to you that develop the skills and tactics that go in to leadership.


Leadership ought to be considered a verb more than a noun. The final step to changing your community is getting out there and doing it. I'll continue to mentor you through the first steps of actually engaging your would-be followers, and help refine your skills.

It's Time to Change the World

If you're ready to lead your community to a better place, fill out the form below. In the comments, include a brief outline of your goals, or questions you might have. We'll have a more thorough conversation later!

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