Our people confuse legal with moral, render privileges as rights, and our politics more passionate than necessary.

Our evangelizing responsibility mandates that we truly guide them, caring for people, building relationships. It also means we are tough enough to take them through the deepest and most narrow of passages Christianity has.

As difficult as it was, my cast and crew were phenomenal, and we persevered through a great deal to make an excellent show happen. I cannot be more proud of those kids for the work they pulled off. I could name a major and visible accomplishment or development in each...

An important and constant theme in the original trilogy was how good is fighting evil, that there is a struggle between them. This struggle creates a tension, a bond that is manifest in the Force itself between the dark side and that of the good. Here is passage from m...

Two of my brothers have a new podcast. They're wicked smart, hilarious, and always relevant.

I think this speaks to a wider aspect of the Force. I think it is fair to say that as the Rebel Alliance and the Empire struggle, as Luke and the Emperor struggles, as Anakin and Vader struggled, so too does the dark side and the good struggle. There is a conflict betw...

I don't want to numb anyone's mind. My goal, I realize now, is to find some way to maintain the academic rigor my high school demands without the "soul-sucking" sound of boredom, resentment, and fatigue. I'm not sure what that is, yet. I have many...

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