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Our world can be crazy and confusing. Learning about how your government functions and your economy is structured can ease the anxiety.


Learning the Right Way

Economics and government are unfairly maligned as the most boring or useless subjects to learn. In a world where STEM is becoming more and more dominant, we're at risk of losing our perspective of our larger society. We need to understand trading and politics just as much as we need to understand coding and engineering.

Unfortunately, economics and government are taught in hurtful ways, using methods that create anxiety and resentment towards the ideas being learned. I come to the table with a passion for these ideas, with a genuine excitement about the lessons to be gained. You'll walk away feeling pride in your new knowledge and joy in the understanding of a larger world. 

When it comes to private instruction between you and me, here's what you can expect:


We determine your desired outcome: are you seeking to pass an exam, be conversationally competent, or just want to learn more? Whatever they are, we'll pinpoint where you need to go and how to get there.


After I evaluate your pre-test, I'll develop a personalized syllabus that complements your learning style and schedule. You'll have the opportunity to modify then approve it.


We go to the next level by leaving straight lecture behind and working on what I call my "Q/A" method. We start having more mature conversations where we together analyze ideas and current events. We use the knowledge gained from earlier to make sense of what's happening today.


You'll take a sort of "pre-test" that will help give me an idea where you're currently at in regards to your stated goals. This will help me tailor my instruction to your specific needs.


Using the syllabus as our guide, we'll begin one-on-one instruction, either in-person or using an online platform. We'll begin with a reading regiment and lecture schedule to build up your knowledge-base.


We build up your knowledge and analytical skills so that you can think creatively about economics and government. You'll be able to not only talk about things you already know, but add on your own, original thoughts to a wider community of thinkers and doers.

Begin Your Learning Today

If you're ready to learn about economics and government, fill out the form below. In the comments, include a brief outline of your goals, or questions you might have. We'll have a more thorough conversation later!

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