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The School of Skerj

Perfection Pursued, Excellence Earned

A site of services offered and thoughts given by
Stanton J. Skerjanec

I help students and would-be leaders...

Become Knowledgeable, Competent, and Principled


 by offering premier mentorship tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Whether you're a community leader who needs guidance on finding your stride, a business leader struggling to properly mentor your new employees, a working professional who wants to develop a stronger intellectual background, or even a parent in need of a private tutor, my services are oriented toward the whole person.

By building a relationship together, we will discover the areas you are naturally confident in, the moral principles you live by, and the vision you have to become a better student, professional, or leader. My mentorship to you is more than just teaching facts and providing knowledge, essential though it is. What I do is bring about the success you can already achieve, elevate it to a new level, and use that success to fulfill your objectives. It's all about getting you to your goal.

Private Instruction

Learning how society works is a helpful way to ease anxiety about our crazy world. If you've ever wanted to know more, or just need help on that AP Exam, look no further.

Leadership Development

Becoming a leader is a noble goal many have, but don't know how to pursue. Let's find how you can make your community better. 


Self-evident & forgotten

My passion for learning and teaching has spilled over into the verbal mode of podcasting. With two other intelligent individuals, we speak on the truths of liberty and odd opinions.