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Vast Wit &
Subtler Magic

Behold an arm,
Clothed in white samite, mystic, wonderful

Public notes of Stanton J. Skerjanec
Open Book

Since I was a young boy I was enthralled with the tales of King Arthur and his noble Knights of the Round Table. As I consumed the myth, I gravitated toward the Lady of the Lake, who bestowed the mighty sword Excalibur unto Arthur. Close to death after battle, where the brief, shining moment of a worthy Camelot had passed, he commanded his loyal friend Sir Bedivere to cast the sword back to the Lady. 

For me, the Hand has always been the symbol of that power which both gives and takes. The title of these personal yet public notes comes from Lord Tennyson's epic of King Arthur, The Idylls of the King, in a passage recounting the dual meeting of Merlin, Arthur's wise and learned mage mentor, and the Lady of the Lake herself, who entrusts Arthur with a weapon to use for good. 


Where Merlin is a man of vast wit, representing the strength of vigorous intellect, the Lady embodies the essence of that subtler magic, a spirituality beyond the mind. In my life, I have prioritized and prized my education and intellect to the detriment of my soul's growth. 

I intend to capture my development and growth of accepting the gift the Hand has to offer, and the challenges and responsibilities that come with it, while learning from the mages of the past in a healthier way. It is my hope that by making those thoughts public, the notes are of use to someone somewhere, and that I am accountable to those who read them.